To make an online appointment, a deposit is required. This will be deducted on the day of the treatment.

If you reschedule your appointment 24 hours or less in advance, we are forced to charge the deposit for each reserved treatment. Because the appointment is rescheduled shortly before it starts, we no longer have time to give that time slot to someone else. You are then holding a spot for someone else.

You can reschedule your appointment free of charge if it is communicated at least 24 hours in advance.

We want to treat all customers equally, and therefore there can be no exceptions to these rules.

Exclusively for Ladies

For each treatment, you can read what to expect, how long the treatment lasts, and the price. You can easily make an appointment at a time that suits you best by clicking on a “Make Appointment” button for the desired treatment. Do you have a preference for which waxing specialist you would like to be assisted by? Then choose the desired employee.

*Ideal hair length? To achieve the best waxing result, your hair should be the length of a grain of rice, between 0.5 cm and 1 cm.

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