During the Henna Brows treatment, the skin around the eyebrows is scrubbed with a special facial scrub to make the dead skin cells disappear for an even better result. Then they will proceed to the eyebrow drawing, subject to your wishes and the shape of your face.

How long does henna brows last?

Observing per person how long the Henna paint stays put, this also depends on cleaning. But it can stay on the skin for up to 14 days and on the eyebrow hairs for up to 6 weeks. The paint is completely safe and available in different shades.

What is not allowed on henna brows?

Chlorine and salt water have a lightening effect. However, do not go swimming within 24 hours after the henna has been applied. You must keep your eyebrows absolutely dry for 24 hours!

What is the difference between henna brows and regular dyeing?

The Henna Brow treatment is different from normal painting because you not only paint the hair but also the skin. This makes the eyebrows look fuller and you don’t have to work with a powder pencil again after a week.

What is better eyebrow tinting or henna?

Dyeing with henna is different from dyeing with normal eyebrow paint. The paint stays on the hair longer (about 4-5 weeks) and because not only the hair but also the skin is improved, the eyebrow appears fuller and the model looks more beautiful.