The Lash Volume Lift is a new treatment in which we lift the natural lashes and give them more volume. During the Lash Lift, your own lashes are “lifted” from the root against a soft, silicone mold with a special cream that makes the new shape in the lashes permanent. After lifting, we also apply a volumizer cream and a nourishing oil to the eyelashes. The result is long, full, curled and healthy lashes.

For the best results, we recommend that you also have the lashes dyed. This will make your lashes look even fuller and more intense. This makes not only eyelash curlers, but also mascaras superfluous. The result of the Lash Lift remains visible for about 6 weeks. After this, the curl will drop out of the lashes again. Because Lash Lifting is not harmful to your own lashes, you can simply repeat the treatment after 6 weeks.

Tips & aftercare

Day 1 after the treatment

Your lashes will still be stuck together shortly after the treatment. This is how it should be and it is therefore important that you do not brush them apart! Do not let your eyelashes come into contact with water for the first 24 hours after the treatment. Tilt your head well in the shower and wash your face only with a washcloth, avoiding your eyes.

After 24 hours you can clean and brush the lashes again. They are no longer glued together and the result is only really visible now. You can also do everything you normally do, such as showering, swimming, wearing makeup, etc!

Eyelash extensions

With eyelash extensions you can lengthen and thicken the natural eyelash hairs, in order to create a more beautiful look. The eyelash extensions of the brand Lash eXtend are made of synthetic materials with a high quality. What is special about these eyelash extensions is that they are finished with a silk coating. The extensions are silky soft, you will not feel a natural set of eyelash extensions!

How are they confirmed?

The extensions are placed on your own eyelash. Eyelash extensions are placed with a minimal amount of glue, specially developed for eyelash extensions.

One by one

An extension is placed on each adult eyelash. The treatment of a full set takes an average of 1.5 hours. Refilling takes an hour. I check all lashes carefully and remove them if they are no longer in place.


It is important for the curing and bonding of the glue that extensions do not get wet for the first 24 hours. After showering, gently pat the lashes dry. Never rub, this will break the lashes! Do not pull on the eyelashes. This is at the expense of your own eyelash. Do not rub the eyes. This also breaks your own eyelashes.

Always have eyelash removal done in a salon. The products you use around and on your eyes should be water-based. Products that contain oil can cause the extensions to come loose. I sell products especially for eyelash extensions such as mascara, eyeliner and make-up cleaner. You cannot use cotton wool with extensions. This fluff sticks to the eyelash. You will receive an eyelash brush after the treatment. With this you can comb the lashes apart every morning and after showering