You can come to us for your face and body, but also think of the well-known Brazilian wax treatment. Hygiene is our number one priority. In addition, we also find the speed of the treatments and a perfect result very important. We use professional products from Starpil both wax and the before and after treatment products.

What is waxing?

Waxing, also known as waxing, is one of the most popular methods of temporary hair removal. By waxing, we remove your hair, root and all. This means you no longer get rough stubble and your hairs come back softer and your hair growth becomes less. The wax is applied to your skin at a low temperature. The wax is then removed with strip (liquid wax) or by hand (hard wax). After the treatment, the result of the skin is smooth and soft.

Before waxing?

Before waxing, we recommend that you scrub the area to be treated well with a sugar scrub so that all hairs come along easily during waxing. The scrub ensures that there are no more dead skin cells over the hairs, so the result will be smoother.

We kindly ask you to freshen up as much as possible before your treatment, by showering, but not using body lotion. There are also ‘refreshment’ items in the wax rooms. The wax specialist can refuse to carry out or continue the treatment if in its opinion the hygiene is insufficient.

Ideal hair length?

To achieve the best wax result, your hair should be the length of a grain of rice, between 0.5 cm and 1 cm.

The advantage of waxing

The big advantage of waxing is that you do not suffer from hair growth for a long period of time and you can enjoy your smooth skin.

Other depilatories, for example, hair removal cream or the razor makes the skin gray and leaves the hair roots. You will feel some stubble coming up after 3 days.

With waxing you do not suffer from this, the hairs stay away longer, the hair growth becomes less and less and comes back softly. Another advantage of waxing is that the wax also removes the dead skin cells. This gives you super soft skin.